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Text Free using SENDaTEXT


You can now text free of charges to any mobile phone based in US, Canada and all other major countries. Are you looking to text free to AT&T, Verizon or perhaps a T-Mobile phone number from your computer? Look no further. SENDaTEXT lets you stay in touch with your friends via texting completely free of any charges or hidden fees. You do no have to sign up or register. Simply use the dialpad below to text for free!

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How to text for free using SENDaTEXT

Sending text for free is now easier than ever and you can do it in less than a minute by following these 3 simple steps. Remember, there is absolutely no need to register. Send free texts straight from your web browser without installing or downloading any software.

  1. 1- Open Chrome browser and go to
  2. 2- Enter the destination mobile phone number. Make sure you do not enter a fixed number as most fixed numbers cannot receive text messages.
  3. 3- Click on "Send" button. This is it.

Text Free via Internet

All that is needed to send free texts is a simple internet connection - any internet connection. You could be sitting at the airport or a cafe and as long as you have an internet connected device with a web browser, you can send free text messages to any AT&T, Verison, T-Mobile, Sprint and other carrier supported mobile phone numbers.

How else can you text for free?

There are a couple options of sending free text messages. You can search for an inbound e-mail address used by the mobile phone company you are wanting to send text message to. For example, if you want to send a free text message to AT&T phone number, go to Google and search for "AT&T Text E-mail" and simply prefix the e-mail address at the end of the phone number. Now open your e-mail client up and simply compose the e-mail message and send to the above e-mail address. The email address is basically an inbox used by telecommunication companies to route the text message to the final mobile phone number. For this method to work, you must know that which mobile operator services the phone number. If you are unsure or do not know which carrier owns the phone number, just use SENDaTEXT to send text for free.