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Send Text using SendaText


Ever imagined if you could send text to your friends using your computer using internet? If you do not have a mobile service or perhaps you are in an area with poor mobile phone service, then you can use SendaText to send texts. We can send your text to all mobile phones. What are you waiting for? Use us to send text straight from your computer.

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Send text in seconds

We use adaptive routing technology and direct interconnect with most mobile carriers. This means that your texts can not be sent to any mobile phone numbers within seconds. What is more? We are entirely free. There is no cost involved and as an end user, you can send texts knowing that they will be received.

Send text from your computer

All you need to send text is a web browser. You can use SendaText from any computer or smartphone as long as you have access to a web browser. You do not need a mobile service to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Why send text when one can call?

Because it is convenient. Sometime, you just need to convery a short message in writing. Perhaps it is a brief note to your loved one or an important phone number you are trying to send. Also, SMS or text messages are read more frequently and capture attention better than phone calls or e-mails. We all know to pick up our phone and read the message when it is a text - you just cannot avoid it.