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Free Text by SendaText


SendaText allows you to send free texts. You do not have to make any payment. No credit card is needed. This service is 100% free and we rely solely on your donations to sustain this platform. We connect more than 10K texts for free every day. Most of free texts are delivered within a minute. Use our service to send a free text today!

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How to send free text.

Follow these 3 steps to send free text:

  1. 1- Using internet, open your browser and goto
  2. 2- Enter the mobile number in the correct international dialing format.
  3. 3- Click on send. Sending free text has never been easier

Free text to mobile phones

Our direct connection with most mobile carriers enables us to send most texts instantenously. Our cost is super low because we get volume discounting on text messaging. This allows our users to not pay anything.

Free text is a reality

Gone are the days when users were paying hefty fees to mobile service providers to send text messages. Users today require unlimited free texts. SendaText is world's first platform that enables free texting to all carriers.