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Free SMS by SendaText.


You can now send free text and SMS right from your computer if you have access to internet. SMS or Short Messaging Service is a communication standard that allows to mobile phone owners to exchange text based messaging. SMS allows people to exchange short texts instantaneously. All mobile phone carriers support SMS service. SMS is supported both on feature phones and smartphones.

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How to send free SMS from PC?

SendaText allows you to send SMS from your PC. All PCs have a web browser installed in them that is used to navigate internet. Just open your web browser, and via SendaText, you can now send a free SMS to any mobile number.

Free SMS online

Our platform bridges the internet based communication protocols with the traditional mobile telephony based frameworks to offer seamless transfer of SMS from your browser to a mobile end point. All that is needed to send SMS now is an online web connectivity.

Encrypted SMS communication

If you haven't noticed already, our site supports best-in-class encryption. All communication from your computer to our servers is 100% secure and private. We consider your trust the most valuable asset and we take utmost care when we are delivering your SMS around the world.